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Let’s face it, no one truly enjoys a layover, regardless of its length or location. However, flight connections are a fact of life and for most travelers, an inevitability. If you have a long layover, you might have enough time to get out of the airport and see some of the top local attractions. But if leaving the airport isn’t a possibility, here is a look at five of the best airports for layovers in America.

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Because Dallas/Fort Worth is one of the world’s busiest airports, you can expect to have a near endless supply of choices for dining and shopping. Second only to Denver as the largest airport in the country, DFW has five terminals, with bidirectional train services running every two minutes between terminals. Families on a layover with children may wish to visit one of the Aquafina Junior Flyers Clubs at Terminal A near Gate A13, Terminal B near Gate B12 and at Terminal C near Gate C14. An additional children’s play area can be found in Terminal D near Gate D33. But DFW is also highly regarded for its outstanding and diverse selection of food options, like Pizza Vino, Fuddruckers Hamburgers and the always popular Texas Stadium Skybox Bar and Grill. Suggested stores to browse for magazines, clothing and jewelry include Natalie’s Sweet Gourmet, DFW News and the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop. Active military personnel and their families can also visit USO DFW, featuring computers with wireless access, a TV lounge with large screen TVs, a cafe and a sleeping room.

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Voted the best airport in North America multiple times, Denver International Airport is also routinely mentioned among the best for a layover. Part of what helps makes Denver more tolerable than many other airports is its Art and Culture Program, featuring impressive works of art exhibitions and a permanent collection, voted the best airport for art in a recent readers poll. Denver airport also has more than 140 shops, restaurants and other services, in addition to free public Wi Fi. Among the best restaurants and quick bites to try are Colorado Sports Bar, Elway’s,Root Down DIA and Einstein Brothers Bagels. If you still have time, take a walk around Jeppesen Terminal, where trips around the terminal is one mile. Lastly, but certainly not least, try to go outside to get a view of the multi peaked roofs of Jeppesen Terminal, resembling the Colorado Rockies.

If you’re flying to Europe, there’s a good chance you’ll have a layover in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. That’s because JFK is the busiest international air passenger gateway in the country. Fortunately, you have plenty of options for food, drinks and shopping in all six terminals. Popular food choices are New York favorites, such as Shake Shack and the Palm Bar and Grille. Trains connecting each terminal run frequently, with 24 hour service and the Jamaica Train connecting to subway and rail service to Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. A glimpse of shopping choices in Terminal 1 may surprise first time visitors with high profile names like Cartier, Bulgari and Salvatore Ferragamo featuring retail stores in post security areas. For conveniences like soft drinks, snacks and magazines, the familiar Hudson News stores can be found all over JFK.

If you’re stuck on a layover at California busiest airport but not long enough to leave the area, you can still find plenty of things to do at LAX. Although the Encounter Restaurant closed in 2013, you can still visit the iconic LAX Theme Building and its observation deck, with sweeping views of the downtown skyline. If you want to browse the internet, LAX has free Wi Fi, although premium access comes with a fee for either hourly or 24 hours. As you would expect, there are many choices for dining, primarily in the Great Hall Food Court, along with duty free shops and stores like Bulgari, Coach and Emporio Armani all in the Great Hall. Lastly, even if you are just lounging around, there’s always a possibility you might spot a celebrity passing through the airport. All you would have do to is just look for a gaggle of photographers.

With Hong Kong, Tokyo and other Asian cities among the top destinations, some visitors can expect to have a layover at SFO. Luckily, travelers can keep themselves busy using the airport’s free Wi Fi, grab something to eat or even visit an attraction not found in most other major domestic airports. While public art is on display at many airports, SFO has a museum and and public art scattered across all five terminals. The Aviation Museum and Library is located pre security at the International Terminal Main Hall and is open to the public with no admission fee. One interesting San Francisco related exhibition on display through March is "When Art Rocked," a collection of the psychedelic rock posters advertising upcoming music concerts at iconic venues such as the Fillmore West and Avalon Ballroom. SFO also has a yoga room in Terminal 2, along with a nice variety of dining, including local favorites Boudin Bakery, Buena Vista Caf and Lori’s Diner, along with stores like Burberry, Coach and the SFMOMA Museum Store.

cartier bracelet screwdriver tradition is strong

At first glance, it seems that engagement and wedding rings seldom change over the years. But look closer. While most couples shy away from trendy styles for something classic, a lot of subtle differences exist in cut, color, shape and pattern. The perfect ring can be an antique reproduction, a glittering pav band or a traditional three stone setting. It can be a sparkling sapphire or a dazzling diamond, surrounded by an intricate sculptural pattern or showcased in a simple, elegant setting. Whatever it looks like, most brides know the right ring when they try it on because it takes their breath away. "Texans especially like new and different, but different is not enough," says , who recently opened Shaftel Diamonds in Rice Village. "It has to be different and spectacular."

While a round diamond is still the most popular pick, brides are opting for other shapes including rectangular emerald cuts, oval and Princess cuts (a sparkling square).

While diamonds are still far and away the most popular gem, some brides are choosing color with blue or pink sapphires, green emeralds and other candy colored solitaires.

Bigger is better. at Deutsch Deutsch says couples are putting more emphasis on the center stone. "Down the road they can add side stones if they want," he says.

Look for more ornate choices. You’ll find them shaped like crescents, half moons, trapezoids and shields, notes a Bailey Banks Biddle representative.

A Cartier representative says some couples purchase eternity rings to wear at less formal events when their oversize diamonds might seem out of place.

The newest Bulgari Venice collection was inspired by an ancient document recording the first diamond engagement ring, which commemorated a 1503 marriage in the Italian city.

love bracelet 18 More about swan poop than you ever cared to know

A spouse who is co owner of a boutique so that instead of ever having to take the time and emotional energy to purchase a gift, I can just say, "Go to Spouse’s boutique and pick out anything you want and I’ll pay for it, happy birthday."Mauricio apparently told Lisa Rinna that she should just go over to Kyle’s store and pick whatever she wanted out for her birthday, and Lisa Rinna was all, "DONE AND DONE." This also gives the ladies an opportunity to discuss an upcoming trip to the Hamptons and how Lisa Rinna had a boutiqueonce, too, but then it was broken into 3 times in 6 weeks because HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, WHAT?

Over at PINK HOUSE, Lisa Vanderpump’s Vanderswan Hanky has diarrhea and so she grabs the bird and HOLDS HIM IN HER LAP TO DRIVE HIM TO THE VET. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? But aside from that poor decision 1. Lisa Vanderpumpthinks one of her random Vanderpet’s stomach disordersis something we would be interested in 2. enough to drag a camera crew along with her to the Vandervet’s office. It would be one thing if the vet were like, "WE HAVE TO OPERATE! IT’S AN EMERGENCY!" But instead, the vet tells Lisa that the Vanderswan isfine and she should take him home. Literally, that is all that happens. The only thing that is slightly revelatory in this entire episode is that Lisa declares that she loves things more when they are dependent upon her which is pretty much her guiding philosophy forall of her relationships.

So Yoyawnda may have parasites ravaging her brain (or whatever), but she is not a dumb woman. Instead of just dumping Erika Girardi into the viper’s pit that is this cast, she opts to ease Erika into the group by introducing her to Kyle first, based on the idea that the two womenhave a lot in common.

After Kyle pretends for a hot second that she didn’t immediately Google Erika’s name upon learning she was joining the cast, and feigns surprise to learn Erika is a "performer," the ladies begin talking about Yoyawnda’s upcoming trip to Cleveland to have her leaking breast implants removed. Why she has to go all the way to Cleveland to have this done is unclear: maybeBeverly Hills only has surgeons who know how to put inthe implants, not take them out? Anyway, Yoyawnda warns that silicone implants and Botox will be the death of Kyle and Erika, who are like, "DON’T CARE."

Yoyawnda mentions in passing that her children, The Boy One and The One Who Isn’t Gigi, both have Lyme Disease, too. Kyle is like, "wait, what now? How can three people in the same family have Lyme Disease?" Yoyawnda explains that before moving to Malibu, they practically lived on a horse ranch where theywere exposed to plenty of ticks, so yes, they have Lyme Disease too; no, it’s not Munchausen by Proxy. "LOL, OK," says Kyle.

Elsewhere, Lisa Rinna gets waxed.

Dear Producers: Lisa Rinna receiving a bikini wax is even less of a story than "one of Lisa Vanderpump’s random pets has the runs." Please, please, PLEASE quit wasting our time with this. Unless Lisa Rinna later develops some sort of hideous adverse reaction to having the hairs along her pubis ripped out atthe root by a disinterested Asian woman, this was not TV worthy. Thanks.

Later, Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump meet Eileen at The Young the Restless set to I don’t even know what. Sit in Eileen’s claustrophobic dressing room, read a script, talk about how they are going to meet this Erika person later that afternoon, and then talk about how Lisa Rinna was talking about how other people were talking about Yoyawnda’s health?

Is anything actually going to happen this season or are we just going to worry about bikini waxes, Vanderpets and talk about other people talking about things?

So, the ladies finally get together (sans Lisa Rinna) to meet this Erika Girardi character, who makes the grievous error of wearing pink high heels in Lisa Vanderpump’s presence.

Erika also flashes around a Cartier ring worth around $189,000, which Kyle helpfully compares to a Lamborghini, and not, say, the median price of the American home,becauseeveryoneon this show has a super healthyperspective.

Speaking of health, at some point, someone asks Yoyawnda how she’s doing, and Yoyawnda is all, "NOT GREAT, BOB."

Kyle mentions that she just learned that Yoyawnda’s kids also have Lyme Disease, and Yoyawnda begins explaining that this is why The Other One Who Isn’t Gigi dropped out of school. (Sure it is.)It’s her children, Yoyawnda explains, that keeps her fighting for a cure. And if that cure requires Yoyawnda to get stem cell replacement therapy in other countries, take selfies in hypobaric chambers, get IV drips of Airborneand drink gallons of lemon juice and cayenne pepper, then so be it. However, all this talk about Lyme Disease makes Kyle worry that she has Lyme Disease, even though that is not how Lyme Disease works, Kyle.

At some point, the ladies invite this Erika person to join them on their upcoming Hampton’s trip, and Erika accepts, noting that as soon as she’s done "performing" in Chicago she’ll jump on her plane and fly over. This leads to a discussion of Erika’s career, such as it is, and her relationship to her much older husband. The ladies don’t exactly play it cool when they learn Mr. Girardi is Larry King old.

But, again, 1. there is NO WAY they didn’t do their research on this talking Barbie as soon as she signed her Bravo contract, and 2. they live in BEVERLY HILLS; do you mean to tell me this is the first couple they’ve ever met with a 30 year age difference? Come on now.

Lisa Vanderpump demands to know what it’s like to have sex with a 76 year old AS IF SHE DOESN’T ALREADY VANDERKNOW, and this opens up the conversation about Grandpa Ken’s magical hat birthday party. Lisa complains about Taylor "yacking," and Yoyawnda saysthat she heard something about this, that Taylor had been suggesting to people that Yoyawnda really isn’t sick. But then! Dumb dummy Eileen says something about how Lisa Rinna had a conversation with someone who thought Yoyawnda’s condition wasn’t real, which is NOT WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT, EILEEN. THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT TAYLOR, EILEEN. This obviously comes as news to Yoyawnda who is like, "wait, Lisa Rinna what now?" And everyone gets really nervous.

But Yoyawnda doesn’t have time for this right now, and merely sighs disappointedly, so, way to go Eileen.

Finally, we go to Yoyawnda’s Malibu home where Gigi is making a giant pot of tomato soup and what she keeps calling "grilled cheese dippers" instead of de crusted grilled cheese sandwiches cut into tiny bite sized pieces that models can nibble on, which is what they are. The children then, for some reason, haul this pot of soup up to the top of lemon hill where their mother is forcing them to have lunch with her and their grandmother. There, Yoyawnda informs the children that in the event something goes wrongon the operating table next week, she’s tucked her will in her safe, and she expects her children to take care of her mother and brother for her. Her kids are like, "I’m sorry, what? Are you going to die? Just how dangerous is it to remove breast implants? Are we missing something?"

love bracelet men Should he be free on bail

NEW YORK A debate has been raging in New York over the fact that Bernard Madoff remains free on bail, spending his days in his luxury Manhattan penthouse despite being accused of the largest financial fraud in history. But the push to jail the disgraced financier may have another, hidden purpose: Payback for his decision to stop cooperating.

Madoff, despite a dramatic confession during his arrest, has quit talking about how the money was collected and where it went, hampering the investigation and killing any incentive to give him a break on bail, officials familiar with the case said Wednesday. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the probe was at a sensitive stage. "The attempt to put him in jail is a way to ratchet up the pressure to resume cooperating."

The issue of whether the former Nasdaq chairman should be allowed to remain under house arrest in his $7 million penthouse made headlines this week when prosecutors made a sudden appearance in court and accused him of violating his bail conditions by mailing jewelry and watches worth more than $1 million to relatives and friends.

The heirlooms included at least 16 watches, a jade necklace, an emerald ring, four diamond brooches, two sets of cufflinks, a diamond bracelet and other assorted jewelry from brands like Cartier and Tiffany.

Prosecutors claimed that by moving assets that could end up being used to compensate his victims, Madoff was a risk to the community an argument normally reserved for violent offenders.

"Typically when a white collar defendant is arrested, the ability to commit fraud disappears," said Anthony Barkow, executive director of the Center on the Administration of Criminal Law at New York University School of Law. "When you’re accused of a crime of violence or of being a terrorist, if you’re out on the street, you can hurt people because that’s just what you do."

But he noted that this case was one of a kind. "Typically your fraud defendant defrauds people nobody knows. The wreckage this guy caused is astounding," he said.

Though past big name defendants in white collar cases typically have remained free before trial, the decision to free the 70 year old Madoff on bail has stirred up controversy.

"Every second that Bernard Madoff passes in his penthouse an aerie financed by perhaps the greatest theft of all time is a gross affront to equal justice in America," the New York Daily News wrote on Wednesday. The newspaper is owned by one of Madoff’s alleged victims, real estate magnate Mortimer Zuckerman.

Madoff’s lawyer, Ira Sorkin, has confirmed that his client is not cooperating beyond agreeing to a freeze on his assets. He has argued that mailing the personal items was a harmless mistake, and that his client shouldn’t be punished for it.

Sorkin said that on Christmas Eve, Madoff "gathered a number of watches that he had collected over the course of years, knowing that, due to the sudden change in his circumstances, he would never have an occasion to wear these watches again."

"To Mr. and Mrs. Madoff, the value of these items was purely sentimental," Sorkin wrote in a court filing Wednesday.

No ruling on the bail is expected until sometime after noon Thursday. Attorney Marc Litt said the Bail Reform Act of 1984 made it clear that Congress meant the need for "safety of the community" to be protected by bail conditions was meant to be broadly interpreted.

"Courts have, therefore, appropriately construed the statute to find that protection of the community from economic harm is a valid objective of bail conditions," the prosecutor wrote.

Litt argued that Madoff needs to be imprisoned before trial because his decision to mail jewelry and other family heirlooms showed that he is unwilling to obey a previous court order that his assets not be touched.

"The scope of the defendant’s crime is vast, and it is likely that thousands of victim investors have lost sums in the billions of dollars," Litt wrote.

From the start, Madoff’s case has been like no other.

Prosecutors, the Securities and Exchange Commission and investors seemed to have little or no inkling that anything was amiss for decades as Madoff delivered steady returns between 8 percent and 12 percent in the best and worst of years.

At an initial court appearance on Dec. 11, a magistrate judge let Madoff go home on $10 million bail secured only by the signatures of Madoff and his wife. Prosecutors agreed to the relatively light treatment without complaint.

By Dec. 17, Madoff was unable to get two of the required four co signers of his bond. As a result, a magistrate judge tightened bail conditions to include home detention with electronic monitoring, imposition of a curfew and a posting of properties in the Hamptons and Palm Beach, Fla.

Two days later, Madoff agreed to a request by prosecutors for further conditions to reduce the risks of harm or flight. As a result, Madoff was confined to his apartment 24 hours per day with a private guard paid for by Madoff’s wife.

David Apfel, a former federal prosecutor now practicing white collar defense in Boston, noted that the whole issue is essentially moot when you consider how hard it would be for him to flee at this point.

love bracelet men O vais i acheter Cartier amour cuff bracelet r vous peut vouloir regard sur le suivant liens int Cartier manchette site web

La beaut irise de bijoux en pierre de lune a t admir pour des milliers d’annes. Estimant qu’il a t form partir de la lumire solidifie de la lune, ancien anneau de pierre de lune withmoonstone associ Romains et les Grecs leurs divinits lunaires. Mais un charisme et harmonie unique merge par magie quand il apparat sur ce bracelet de Chucky. Bien que Henri Cartier Bresson est crdit avec l’ide de l’instant dcisif de l’instantan lev au niveau de l’art Kertesz, peut tre plus que tout autre photographe,bracelet replique love, initi cette faon de voir, en exploitant les possibilits de la camra de la main pour saisir un moment dans le temps et astucieusement transformer en quelque chose qui dure. En Henri Cartier Bresson: les premiers travaux (New York Graphic Society, 35 $), Peter Galassi examine les influences culturelles, techniques, photographique, littraire et artistique sur Cartier Bresson, et dcouvre dans ses photographies du milieu des annes 30 un esthtiques sophistiqu qui devait plus les surralistes que le photojournaliste documentaire.Maman a commenc travailler dans son magasin des parents appel, The John, qui a vendu des produits de salle de bains. Elle a commenc travailler dans les ventes et bientt a dcid de lancer Agence Sales Company de Three avec sa belle sur et son pre. Les gens normalement dans leur ignorance atterrir se rendre un endroit inappropri, donc la fin souffrir beaucoup. Le cot de ces leons est trs faible, parfois mme gratuitement, et vous obtenez de les possder pour toujours. Mais nous sommes galement tonns par son affirmation selon laquelle il avait un ‘, aucun compte d’intrt standard’ at Tiffany Co. Les documents d’information que la troisime pouse de Gingrich,cartier bijoux faux homme, Callista, fourni la Chambre des reprsentants, quand elle a travaill pour le Comit de l’agriculture numres dettes Tiffany de 250 001 $ 500 000 $ sur un compte de crdit renouvelable pour deux annes conscutives.

Exactement o Suis je autoris acheter Cartier amour bracelet rep.

love bangle diamond Eric Buterbaugh takes floral design to the next sense

When Tory Burch wants centerpieces for a rooftop dinner at her Rodeo Drive boutique, Louis Vuitton executives need gifts for VIPs, or Tom Ford wants to say "thank you," they call Eric Buterbaugh. And after he dresses up the tables for dinners hosted by Jessica Alba, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer or super stylist Rachel Zoe, Buterbaugh joins the party as one of the most sought after guests in town. during the designer’s heyday in the 1980s and early ’90s. "Growing up, I had a tray of perfume and candles in my room by Guerlain, Ralph Lauren and Rigaud. And I devoured fashion magazines. So I’ve wanted to do this always."

As the resident florist at the Four Seasons Los Angeles, he creates fantastical arrangements, which might include a group of tall glass cylinders filled with exotic "ink stained" orchids for the Culina restaurant entry, pink ranunculus floating in glass tubes suspended from the ceiling by the elevators, or an urn of white lilies as big as a Smart car in the lobby foyer. Other regular gigs include designing flower arrangements for the Chateau Marmont (looser, more old fashioned arrangements), the Cartier (red or white roses) and Dior boutiques (the brand’s designated flower of the year) and the homes of a host of society mavens.

Inspiration board Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

Buterbaugh’s inspiration board at his floral shop at the Four Seasons.

Buterbaugh’s inspiration board at his floral shop at the Four Seasons. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

"My flowers are for the 10% of the population who notice details, whether it’s the stitch on a jacket or a reflexed open rose," says Buterbaugh, whose uniform includes Saint Laurent jeans and boots, Lanvin shirts, playful charm necklaces by Meyer, rings by Daniela Villegas and chunky eyeglasses by RetroSpecs.

Buterbaugh’s blooms may be among the most beautiful to look at, but to smell not so much. That’s why he wanted to get into fragrance. He was interested in reviving the scents of his favorite flowers, which he noticed had faded over the last two decades. "So few flowers really smell anymore, because the scent has been bred out of them," he says.

Eric Buterbaugh and Fabrice Croise Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

Buterbaugh partnered with Fabrice Croise, right, to develop his floral inspired fragrance line.

Buterbaugh partnered with Fabrice Croise, right, to develop his floral inspired fragrance line. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

A chance meeting with Fabrice Croise, a French branding expert with 20 years’ experience in product design, development and marketing, led to a partnership. Buterbaugh and Croise developed the fragrance line with leading perfumer Firmenich, giving the "noses" there free rein to create florals without financial or market research restraints.

The result is a collection of 10 pure florals, including a violet with balanced leaf and petal notes; a rose with subtle notes of pepper and licorice; an intense "rose grande" that smells as if you are engulfed by a rosebush; and a lily of the valley.

This foray into the product world is a natural for Buterbaugh, who has been part of the fashion and beauty business for 30 years.

Early on, he earned a following for wrapping glass vases in "couture like" taffeta, snakeskin or ostrich leather, or encrusting them with Swarovski crystals. He’d wrap vases in fur for fashion photographer Helmut Newton and his wife, June "the more eccentric, the better," Buterbaugh remembers of the regular deliveries he made to them during the winters they spent at the Chateau Marmont.

"They would photograph the arrangements and send me signed prints. I have a wonderful little collection."

Today, Buterbaugh’s most famous floral design signature is the reflex open rose, which entails flipping back each petal, so it becomes what Buterbaugh calls a "power flower."

"It’s very labor intensive," he says.

"A rose arrangement could take 15 or 20 minutes, but if you’re reflexing the roses, it can take an hour and a half. When we have big orders, sometimes we have someone in the shop doing nothing but that all day long."

"What he does, it’s not even flowers; it’s sculpture," Alba says.

Almost as popular as his reflex open roses is his naughty sense of humor, which appears at the dinner table and on his popular Instagram account, with more than 35,000 followers, where shots of blooms are mixed with cheeky sayings such as, "Bad ain’t no good, but good ain’t no fun" and "Don’t be afraid to be a bitch."

"He’s one of my best friends," says Meyer, who gave Buterbaugh just two hours’ notice to round up flowers for her surprise wedding to Tobey Maguire in 2007, when they all were vacationing together on the Big Island of Hawaii. "He went to the airport, bought a bunch of leis, pulled apart the flowers and sprinkled them on the tables, in the pool, everywhere. He created the sweetest moment for me and my husband."

After the fragrance launch, Buterbaugh’s next project is to complete work on the House of Eric, a Midcentury Modern space on Beverly Boulevard that will serve as a fragrance boutique, party space and gallery for flower related shows. He’s aiming for a June opening date.

cartier love bangle 17 Madoff mailed pricey jewelry

By Pallavi Gogoi, USA TODAY

NEW YORK The packages that Bernard Madoff mailed to family and friends while out on bail since his Dec. 11 arrest for allegedly conducting a massive securities fraud contained a lot more than cuff links and mittens, according to court documents released Wednesday.

Prosecutors seeking to have Madoff jailed said he violated his bail terms by mailing five packages to family and friends. They contained at least 15 watches, including two diamond Tiffany and Cartier watches, a diamond necklace, four diamond brooches and other jewelry.

Prosecutors said one package contained items worth at least $1 million. Attorney Mark Litt said Madoff’s $10 million bail should be revoked because he disobeyed a court order freezing his assets. The prosecutor also said Madoff poses a danger to the community by potentially causing additional economic harm to his victims, who may try to recover some of their losses from his assets. "The need for detention in this case is clear," Litt said.

FILING A CLAIM: SIPC information on Madoff case

Madoff, who the government charges has admitted to committing one of the largest frauds in history in a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, mailed the packages while under house arrest in his $7 million Manhattan apartment.

Madoff’s lawyer, Ira Sorkin, downplayed the value of the mailed items at a Jan. 5 court hearing, when prosecutors first demanded that Madoff be sent to jail, saying the items included $25 cuff links and $200 mittens.

But prosecutors say he mailed to relatives these packages that have since been recovered:

worth at least $1 million contained 13 watches, a diamond necklace, an emerald ring and two sets of cuff links.

that between them contained a diamond Cartier watch, a diamond Tiffany watch, a diamond bracelet, a gold watch, four diamond brooches, a jade necklace and other jewelry.

The government said it didn’t know the contents of two other packages that were mailed to Madoff’s brother Peter and an unidentified family in Florida.

In a court filing late Wednesday, Sorkin argued that Madoff should remain free, Bloomberg News reported. "He simply did not realize that it pertained to personal items," Sorkin wrote of the freeze order. "To Mr. and Mrs. Madoff, the value of these items was purely sentimental."

Observers were surprised that Madoff would even consider mailing the packages while facing allegations of operating a $50 billion Ponzi scheme whose victims included financial institutions, foundations, charities and individual investors.

"It’s pretty ballsy," says Patrick Begos, founding partner of law firm Begos Horgan Brown. "It’s not much of a reach for a guy to think he’s above everything else when he can steal from charities and organizations he’s heavily involved with."

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cartier love bracelet size 16 How celebrities are influencing engagement rings

"It came as a shock. I expected to sell about one or two a month, but they’re all gone," said Mr Hashem, owner of Diamond Emporium.

"Consumers are definitely influenced by celebrity culture and what celebrities are doing. Without a doubt you do see a spike in inquiries and demand about certain cuts and designs."

Australian jewellers say recent celebrity and royal engagement rings have triggered greater demand for bigger diamonds, coloured dominant stones, and thinner bands.

Mr Hashem, who offers an online customisation service, said the average Australian man splashed between $8000 9000 on an engagement ring, about double the figure 10 years ago.

He said in recent years, actress Jessica Alba’s cushion cut diamond, actress Blake Lively’s giant, oval shaped rock, and singer Beyonce’s emerald cut eye popper had sparked the greatest number of inquiries.

"Larger diamonds (from 1.7 carats) are becoming the preference. Budgets aside, people are comfortable having a size that 10 years ago was considered a bit ostentatious," he said.

A diamond ring on display at Fairfax Roberts Jewellers in Sydney. Photo: Dallas Kilponen

Laura Sawade from wedding ring supplier Peter W Beck said according to a Brides To Be survey, the average spend on an engagement ring was $6934 in 2014 15.

She has noticed a strong move towards coloured stones being used as the dominant stone, whether diamond or non diamond.

Gus Hashem, founder of Diamond Emporium, examining a diamond. Photo: Supplied

"It changed when [Duchess] Kate Middleton got engaged with the sapphire and diamond ring. It made other stones more acceptable," said Ms Sawade, also the vice president of Jewellers Association of Australia.

"Pink and yellow diamonds are very popular. Black diamonds as well. We’re seeing a lot of emeralds, rubies and sapphires being used as the dominant stone."

The popularity of the princess cut had slightly waned and the average width of the band had dropped by a millimetre, but she said there would always be a demand for both "incredible classics" and "unique designs".

Georgina Brujic, the newly installed chief executive of high end jewellery house Fairfax and Roberts, said she encouraged couples to keep their ring as unique and personal as possible.

"One thing we say to every customers is: ‘Find the one that suits’. You’ll find your personality in the right ring, which is far more important than what Packer gave Mariah Carey," she said.

"Sometimes you’ll find the bigger one isn’t the best one because it doesn’t suit."

Fairfax and Roberts, recognised as Australia’s oldest jewellery house, is home to the "fancy intense" yellow diamond ring, which has a price tag of $412,600.

Ms Brujic revealed its bespoke engagement rings averaged about $40,000 $50,000, though some were sold for $8000.

She agreed that big and colourful stones were back in favour, which to her indicated that people were designing rings that better suited their personality.

"People are also focusing more on quality, rather than the biggest for the best possible price. They’re more knowledgeable and asking a lot more questions," she said.

"My personal favourite celebrity ring is Mary Kate Olsen’s one. It’s a 1950s Cartier and it’s the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s stunning, just stunning."

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In Orange County, people can’t depend on trees to drop their leaves to hearken the end of summer. Here, fall’s arrival is marked by the opening of new stores at area malls. Two of the glitzier debuts are coming this month at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. Emporio Armani, a collection of men’s and women’s casual clothes by designer Giorgio Armani, opens Sunday. The 8,000 square foot store will be the third Emporio Armani in the nation, with the other two in New York and Honolulu. In Orange County, people can’t depend on trees to drop their leaves to hearken the end of summer. Here, fall’s arrival is marked by the opening of new stores at area malls. Two of the glitzier debuts are coming this month at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. Emporio Armani, a collection of men’s and women’s casual clothes by designer Giorgio Armani, opens Sunday. The 8,000 square foot store will be the third Emporio Armani in the nation, with the other two in New York and Honolulu. Cartier is still proving that diamonds are a popular sign of glittering success. Despite the recession, the Cartier store at South Coast Plaza is thriving, store officials say. A pricey cigarette bearing the Cartier name and logo once reserved for the likes of fine jewelry makes its American debut in the Los Angeles area this week. The cigarette already is sold in Europe. Cartier is still proving that diamonds are a popular sign of glittering success. Despite the recession, the Cartier store at South Coast Plaza is thriving, store officials say.

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Chinese tourists in April overseas tourist consumption surged 92.4 percent; on the contrary, the Russian tourist spending fell 31.3 percent in April, overseas visitors spending in Europe rose 40.4%, although very impressive, but with an 93% increase compared to other regions , it is trivial. Barkley believes that this data shows 70 percent of China’s middle class in Asia, consumption of luxury goods sales growth in Europe was driven by the tourism center even though consumption of Chinese tourists tend to leather products, increased consumption of such products up 78.2%, but, in general, watches and jewelry are still the strongest performer, sales rose 56.6 percent, Barclays Bank said it can be seen from the above data: Chinese consumers turn to Europe to buy hard luxury trends from Hong Kong has The relief, for example, Hong Kong has lowered the price of Cartier love bangle in the case of a further 5% discounts, while Cartier’s parent company Richemont Regular price adjustment twice a year, the prices in Europe increased by 7%. This shows that the spread between hard luxury mainland China. Hong Kong and Europe has a relatively balanced; for soft luxury, spread the problem is more difficult for Japan to become a new tourist hot spot

cartier-love-bracelet-2Japan’s overseas visitors rose to its highest level in 20 years. The data show a 0.1% contribution for the Japanese domestic GDP. This is Japan, a ten years has been trying to get rid of the country’s economic stagnation, it is not a small change in Tokyo Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company economist Yuichi Kodama said: “Tourism is a growth in purchasing power in Asia to introduce Japan effective way to market due to reduction of the population in Japan, in the long run, Japan’s domestic demand is difficult to gain momentum. ”

Cabinet Office data show that two, three, April foreign tourists to Japan Travel consumption amounted to 4.6 billion US dollars in the yen against the dollar nearly a third of cases, China’s tourism plays an important consumer market in Asia the role of Chinese tourists to visit Japan in April increased by 113%, according to the Japan National Tourism Administration, Chinese tourists reached a record 1.8 million passengers, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts that by 2019, there will be approximately 174 million Chinese tourists travel to Japan, consumption is expected to be around $ 264 billion.

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