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Chinese tourists in April overseas tourist consumption surged 92.4 percent; on the contrary, the Russian tourist spending fell 31.3 percent in April, overseas visitors spending in Europe rose 40.4%, although very impressive, but with an 93% increase compared to other regions , it is trivial. Barkley believes that this data shows 70 percent of China’s middle class in Asia, consumption of luxury goods sales growth in Europe was driven by the tourism center even though consumption of Chinese tourists tend to leather products, increased consumption of such products up 78.2%, but, in general, watches and jewelry are still the strongest performer, sales rose 56.6 percent, Barclays Bank said it can be seen from the above data: Chinese consumers turn to Europe to buy hard luxury trends from Hong Kong has The relief, for example, Hong Kong has lowered the price of Cartier love bangle in the case of a further 5% discounts, while Cartier’s parent company Richemont Regular price adjustment twice a year, the prices in Europe increased by 7%. This shows that the spread between hard luxury mainland China. Hong Kong and Europe has a relatively balanced; for soft luxury, spread the problem is more difficult for Japan to become a new tourist hot spot

cartier-love-bracelet-2Japan’s overseas visitors rose to its highest level in 20 years. The data show a 0.1% contribution for the Japanese domestic GDP. This is Japan, a ten years has been trying to get rid of the country’s economic stagnation, it is not a small change in Tokyo Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company economist Yuichi Kodama said: “Tourism is a growth in purchasing power in Asia to introduce Japan effective way to market due to reduction of the population in Japan, in the long run, Japan’s domestic demand is difficult to gain momentum. ”

Cabinet Office data show that two, three, April foreign tourists to Japan Travel consumption amounted to 4.6 billion US dollars in the yen against the dollar nearly a third of cases, China’s tourism plays an important consumer market in Asia the role of Chinese tourists to visit Japan in April increased by 113%, according to the Japan National Tourism Administration, Chinese tourists reached a record 1.8 million passengers, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts that by 2019, there will be approximately 174 million Chinese tourists travel to Japan, consumption is expected to be around $ 264 billion.

Shop No. 1 because Vending Cartier diamond ring defendant

Recently, the Pudong court, “the 1st shop” selling “Cartier style” diamond ring caused two trademark infringement, unfair competition disputes first instance verdict, the defendant company was sentenced to three plaintiff to stop the infringement of registered trademark, damages 18 The company has ten thousand yuan Cartier brand “Cartier”, which is also well-known trademark “Cartier” of the trademark owner. Yi real multi-company well-known online supermarket shop No. 1 in the sales of goods set up shop at the same time also provides network services for network users dream carat company opened online sales in the 1st jewelry store commodity production, commodity information in “18K diamond ring Cartier diamond ring crown paragraph century classic”, “design style from century classic Cartier”, “Dream carat years and provide international brands cartier bangle white gold jewelry and other diamond-producing traders cooperation, sharing the world’s top supply chain to ensure the purest diamonds The cut and high-quality “and so on. Benefits of the new jewelry company produces commodities, real benefits and more companies after its purchase of goods in the 1st store sales, merchandise information in the “Ailuyisi diamond ring Cartier classic style”, “Cartier by Louis Series Ring should be included and the wearer Affinities personality merged with finger perfect match “and so on.

The court held that, in the dream carat company cases, the company uses the same word with the plaintiff trademark “Cartier” in the product information, and easy to make consumers “Cartier” has become a misconception ring style, design and other aspects of the generic name with the aid of the plaintiff deliberately intentional brand to attract consumers, their behavior significantly weakened the plaintiff trademark, reducing its role in identification, constitute an infringement of plaintiff’s registered trademark.

The company uses the “design style from century classic Cartier”, “Dream carat years and provide international brands Cartier jewelry and other diamond-producing traders cooperation, sharing the world’s top supply chain to ensure that the most pure diamond cut and high-quality” and so on , are obviously brand ride aboard the plaintiff, the plaintiff cling brand awareness and reputation, easy to make consumers the quality of their goods, raw materials, style and other commodities and the plaintiff same classic, luxury and other aspects of misunderstandings, false propaganda constitute unfair competition . And more companies to benefit real dream carat company providing e-commerce trading platform, has fulfilled a reasonable duty of care, does not constitute an infringement cases in the benefits of the new company, the court for the same reason and dream of cases identified carat company sells more real benefits, benefits there is a new production company commodity information infringing content, constitute an infringement of the plaintiff registered trademark, but the two defendants used by the company “cartier love bangle silver that included Louis series and the wearer’s personality should be merged with the finger Xiangqi perfect match” and so did not Brand disparage the plaintiff nor the defendant merchandise associate, goodwill is not reached on the plaintiff trademark their commodities and lead to the degree of false propaganda misleading the consumer and does not constitute unfair competition.

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